Annual exams & sports Physicals

sports medical exam

An annual physical is recommended to screen for preventable diseases and cancers. At your adult physical we will conduct a head to toe exam including breast, cervical and prostate at the age appropriate times. Blood work to evaluate sugar, cholesterol, kidney and liver function can be drawn right in our office. We can also evaluate your heart with EKG's, if needed. At this visit we may update your vaccines, if due. We think it is important to take the opportunity get your preventive screening yearly for a long and healthy life.


For our children that need well child visits or sports physicals we can accommodate them too.


At our well child visits we will evaluate growth and maturity, vision and hearing, provide vaccines if needed, and counsel children on healthy diet and exercise. If your child is participating in a sports program and requires a form to be completed, please bring the required form to your appointment and we can evaluate and clear them for participation.  Please inquire at our front desk to schedule your appointment.

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